Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Cream

I remember when I was little I always loved making snow cream. I thought about it when we started getting snow, but now that I'm the mom I just think...yuck, it's probably all contaminated with exhaust fume particles and other grossness. Last night I heard Gus on the phone with Mimi saying "Eat snow?!!? Eat snow??!!?" His face was all squished up with his head cocked to the side, clearly convinced Mimi had lost her mind. I promised we could eat snow in the morning. So when I noticed the downpour begin I rushed out and grabbed some good clean snow before it was washed away and turned into nasty gray slushy sludge.
My mom's old recipe called for 2 eggs and a lot of milk. I didn't really want to make THAT much and I don't really want to eat raw eggs in these modern times. So I hunted for a smaller recipe. This is what I made.
Snow Cream:
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
4 cups CLEAN snow
mix the milk and sugar and vanilla until dissolved, add to snow, mix, mix, mix until nice ice creamy consistency.
This is Gus' face right before he announced it was too cold.
I am sad to report the rain in washing away our hopes of a 3rd day of being snowed in. Facebook has been overrun with people complaining they want the snow to end so they can get out of their house. I am happy to report we stocked up on the necessities, didn't lose power, and have apparently created a much cozier, comfy home than everyone else. We don't want to go back to regular life so soon! Kyle was really hoping for 3 snow days off from work that would result in an unexpected 5 day weekend. We've really enjoyed this extra time with no time limitations to play games, have light saber battles, bust out the legos and wedgits for building frenzies and watch movies. Except for the occasional need to restock food we could happily stay in our house forever!!

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