Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blizzard 2012

After a lot of fanfare and hype we finally got snow. I was getting kind of annoyed that even Sirius XM was telling me about how much snow we were having when we still had nothing to show for it. But it finally began around 2am Tuesday night/Wednesday AM. We woke up to about 4 1/2 inches in our yard.Right off Gus was having a time of it. He kept saying "Mommy, this hard, walkin' too hard." Eventually he got the hang of walking through the snow. But at first I was afraid he was going to insist we go inside before he even played.
They shoveled for a little bit.
Reese was really having fun. He especially liked stomping around making footprints in the snow.
While Daddy had some energy left he swooped Reese around on the little mini sled thingys. When Gus saw Reese got snow all over his butt and legs when he slid, Gus declined to give it a try.
He also declined photos. He said "don't don't don't take picture, Mommy," but I took it anyway and got this squeezed closed eyes pose.
Reese was doing some major hopping around in excitement to build the Fortress of Solitude.
See that red cooler? It was supposed to be the mold for the snow bricks. The snow wouldn't come out, so we scrapped the fortress idea.
We moved onto building Frosty the Conehead or Jabba the SnowHut.
We survived the blizzard of 2012 without nearly the snow that was promised. We're hoping when we wake up there's a BUNCH more!!!

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