Saturday, January 19, 2008

Reese is 11 months old!

Reese likes to play with his ball popper, but mostly to eat the balls. To get them he has to pull on the popper which sends the balls all flying , so they only get to pop once and it's over. He may get the hang of it soon. Wednesday he was 11 months old. Thursday Daddy got to stay home with Reese while I went to school. I had an advising appointment with the nursing program as well. We have officially decided I'll do the nursing program this fall. And we bought a big boy car seat for Reese because he's too tall for his baby car seat now. I found one that lasts through 100 pounds and 52 inches, so we won't have to buy a seperate booster seat...woo hoo!!
We watched Rush Hour 3 on DVD and we both thought it was pretty funny. I looked it up on imdb and discovered Chris Tucker made $25 million and Jackie Chan only made $15 million. Seems like an unfair deal, but if you watch the outtakes it seems that Jackie Chan does not really have a command of the English language, so perhaps that's the discrepancy. Anyway, we liked it.
On Friday Reesie went to Candy Gram's and Mimi and I went to see JUNO. I really liked it. It had actors I really like. It was a little quirky and funny. I recommend it. Sunday we're off to visit Kyle's grandparents in Vancouver. We'll try out the new car seat for the first time. Hopefully Reese will tolerate the long drive nicely. He did well last summer going to Lake Chelan, but he was a lot littler then...He's a bit more attidute-y now.

Also I added The Moldy Peaches and Sonic Youth songs to the play list. Both are from the movie Juno. I can't figure out how to make them play randomly instead of always in order so you'll have to click on the song to hear it if you don't want to wait out The White Stripes.

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