Monday, August 20, 2012

Why YES, We Are Still Alive!!!!

I know I've been a serious blog slacker, but it's time to get caught up. We are in fact still living and we actually did some stuff this summer.
JUNE....first and foremost in the exciting world of the Benza Clan? I finally got a pink + on my stick! Woo HOO!!!! I had mostly decided it wasn't going to happen, but I was giving us to the end of the summer before we stopped trying. In the 3rd week of May we went to Great Wolf Lodge where I ate like a piglet and caught a nasty cold. I decided to take a test before I took any cold medicine. It was positive!!
My former co-worker at a soul sucking job opened her own business!!! SK Frozen Yogurt Shop. See that cute boy in the photo? He was THE FIRST CUSTOMER ever to grace the doorway!! It was delish and you pay by the pull your own. If you're local, head over to Mile Hill Drive in Port Orchard. It's right by the 7 Eleven and Pizza Time after you pass A&W.
 We hit the Rodeo Drive In....several times.
We won tickets on Facebook from the boys' dentist, Dr. Jessie Banks, so we got to see the Blue Jackets Baseball team play. The boys especially liked the cotton candy and cracker jacks. :)
I struggled to take a  not revolting 7 week self portrait. Those are size 4 pants!  By week 12 I was wearing maternity pants.
We had quite a few park days.
 Gus looks WAY too grown in this photo.
Reese tried out a bunch of the equipment he previously avoided...and showed off his muscles.
 We dragged Grandpop to the new SeeFilm Bremerton Theater for Madagascar 3.
Gus posed with the Ice Age display...we saw that one too!!
 Last but not least we celebrated this cute boy's third birthday. Oh my gosh, how did the time go by so fast??? Gus is so much less baby at 3 than Reese was. He's a munchkin too...14th percentile for BMI. ha ha...but boy this kid can talk!! At this point Reese had about 15 words and Gus has a billion so he just seems so much older to me.  He wants to do everything himself. He wants every single thing he wants the very second he thinks of it. He's pretty loudly verbal about getting too.
Gus is constantly demanding we watch to see what he can do...then he demonstrates his new jumping skill or drawing skill.  He is utterly anti-toilet, so no potty training is on the horizon. He loves to sleep on the top bunk with his brother. He's quite the homebody. He is a devilish beast about half the time and absolutely adorable the other half. When I'm about to lose my mind if there is anymore chatter he pipes up with "MOMMY, MOMMY, I really love you." He's quite the cutie, that one.

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