Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grandpop's Visit

Grandpop visited from VA for the week of Thanksgiving. This is how Reese and Grandpop spent the mornings while mommy and Gus slept in!The first two mornings Reese woke up way too early and said "I'm ready to see Grandpop!" I convinced him to sleep a bit more and when it seemed a reasonable hour I said he could run down to see if Grandpop was awake. After those first 2 days he just went down without telling me and I blissfully slept on. They sat on Grandpop's bed and ate their cereal and watched movies. This morning we were up in the dark and the freezing cold to take Grandpop to the airporter bus. Of course no one but mom had any interest in going back to bed, so we had some cinnamon buns for breakfast and we're starting our day way earlier than normal. Maybe we can keep up this early morning routine.

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anya* said...

you should keep it up - then maybe you will start blogging more;)