Friday, April 29, 2011

Vacation Fun Center

At the same place we went bowling in Bend, Oregon we also did arcade type stuff. Gus couldn't quite figure out how to do ski ball. He preferred walking all over it. Reese could only get the ball to the edge, but not quite over the lip into the hole. It was funny, but Mommy and Daddy earned lots of prize tickets on this one. Reese and Daddy did this sit inside video game where you shoot the dinosaurs.
Reese really got into air hockey. In fact I think he actually beat Kyle once.

Gus particularly enjoyed the driving games. I did not put money in, I just let him play on the sample game and he happily shifted gears until his heart was content.

Reese actually rode this motorcycle one. He probably would've been happy with no money put in as well, but he tried it out for real and thought it was pretty cool.
Afterwards we turned in our tickets for some prizes...candy and bubbles. Everyone loved this place. We will definitely go back whenever we return to Central Oregon.

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